Awakening to The Dance of Love - The Work of Love We   are   delighted   to   announce   that   Aula   Astrològica   de   Catalunya    will   present   Darby Costello    in   Barcelona,   on   the   18-19   May   2019.   Se   will   do   a   seminar   on   relationships and the Dance of Love. Content: We   inherit   certain   characteristics   that   determine   our   capacity   for   relationship   –and through   using   our   natal   charts   for   self-reflection   and   inner   work,   we   can   increase   our ability   to   get   the   best   from   our   interactions   with   other   people.   With   Uranus   entering Venus   ruled   Taurus   it   may   be   time   for   our   love   natures   to   be   awakened   to   new expression.      During   this   weekend   we   shall   look   at   the   factors   in   our   charts   that describe   our   gifts   and   weaknesses   in   love   relationships.   We   shall      explore   synastry and    composites    as    guides    to    navigating    the    important    relationships    in    our    lives, whether   that   be   friend,   lover,   partner,   child,   parent   or   work   companions.       Bring   your   charts   and   the   charts   of   people   you   might wish to work with during this weekend.
Aula Astrològica de Catalunya  -  escola d’astrologia a Barcelona
Darby Costello, DFAstrolS Darby   studied   psychology,   philosophy   and   theology   in   New   York,   and   astrology   in   Boston   in   the   1960’s.   She   then   went   to   Africa and   worked   with   tribal   healers   and   diviners,   while   building   her   astrological   practice.   After      12   years   she   moved   to   London   and   in 1988   began   teaching   at   the   Centre   for   Psychological   Astrology,   for   whom   she   wrote   several   books.      She   teaches   for   the   Faculty   of Astrological   Studies,   the   Mercury   Internet   School   of   Psychological   Astrology,   Astrology   University   and   The   London   School   of Astrology.   She   loves   working   with   historical   cycles   so   to   navigate   consciously   the   times   in   which   we   are   living,   and   she   loves working   with   personal   charts   so   we   may   understand   and   navigate   our   individual   lives   in   the   best   possible   way.      She   travel   and teaches    extensively,    and    still    her    international   clientele   is   the   heart   of   her   astrological   life.   For    more    detailed    information    go    to Bookings: Contact us to book your place by clicking on the contact button. Place: CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona), Carrer Montalegre 5, 08001 Barcelona (7 min walk from Plaça Catalunya) Timetable: Saturday from 10 to 18:30h and Sunday from 10 to 14h (with the corresponding breaks) Fee: 195€ 
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